Eastern Oldskool (In English)

We Are Hebrew Astronomers. We Come From The North.

Welcome to Danielin Perintö (Legacy of Daniel)! On this age in history the Ancient Eastern School of Daniel (the Bible) has reached out to the furthest North in the Earth. We are ready to train more Hebrew Astronomers or Modern Magi in the Mazzaroth (Biblical Astronomy) which is an Ancient Study of the Zodiac (constellations) in the light of the Biblical Gospel Story of Yeshua the Messiah, the Testimony of Jesus Christ. We will do this from the original Hebrew perspective of the Bible and the Star Signs, the Ancient Hebraic Skyculture. This Revelation will change you forever and outdo all religious traditions and lies mixed with the Gospel Story even to the Truth of the Star of Betlehem.

Together with the Written Revelation of the Bible, Messiah's Mazzaroth holds the Most Glorious Light, Future and Hope of our Generation written by YHVH, the same God who led both the Israelites and the Ancient Astronomers through the Wilderness and:

"Tells the story of the stars to those He calls by name"! (Psalm 147:4 according to the original Hebrew text).

This understanding is being restored back to it's original glory, is spreading like a wildfire in the Realm of Cyberspace, conquering the Hearts of Men and changing the Lives of Torah Families, Jews and Christians in the Four Corners of the Earth and making these two peculiar people groups One in the Messiah again together with the Torah! Like in the same manner with the Biblical Feasts, the Zodiac Signs are all about The Testimony of Yeshua, Jesus - from Bethulah (Virgo) to Arieh (Leo)! Not the horoscope hoax.

Time will tell in which direction His Star will lead our Caravan. We have awesome plans for a brand New Website and a Fan-Page in Facebook.

We don't have currently new articles but stay tuned for the updates!


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Our Logo and Brand

Astronomical Description of the Great Sign
of Revelation 12

Alternative Visual Presentation of the Revelation 12 Great Sign

Astronomical Description of the Visit of the Magi
(Matthew 2)

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