tiistai 3. marraskuuta 2015

Sun Clad Woman (under editing)

Shalom Alecheim!

Constellation Bethulah in the sky of Jerusalem setting to West with the Sun, the New Moon of Yom Teruah 2015
and the Royal Messenger (Mercury / Gabriel) under Her belly (Stellarium v. 0.13.2)

Welcome to Legacy of Prophet Daniel - it is more than gold, frankincence and myrrh.

In our website we study the Sun, the Moon and especially the stars from Messianic Hebrew Roots perspective as Creator's Signs (Bereshit 1:14-17). Messianic Star Signs which reveals the First and the Second Coming of the Messiah. We want to show the Messiah from the Torah and the Stars. Our website is in Finnish, but we wanted to do a service to our English readers and begin to publish our English articles.

We are currently editing and updating article on the Sun Clad Woman (Revelation 12). It could service as wonderful introduction to Hebrew Mazzaroth, Messianic Star Signs. If you want know more about what kind of role the stars have in His Redemption Plan and the Calendar, please visit our English section.

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