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Creator's Crown In Our Home Galaxy

Our Milky Way home galaxy might resemble
NGC 6744 galaxy (Image: Wikipedia)
We will make a quick "space trip" now so fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen. The intention of this article is to make us love and worship more the Creator King YHVH by helping to understand some basic Ancient Astronomy with help of modern Astrophysics. The purpose of this article is to keep the First and the GREATEST Commandment (Exodus 20:1-6, Deut 6:5) in honor by setting focus on the King and not what is happening in this world, the earthly kings and their things who will be soon overthrown by the King of Heaven!

Hebrew word mazzaroth means constellations or constellations signs, planets and all the celestial beings. Mazzaroth could be translated also to "corona" or "crown" (Wikipedia). We will show how this idea of a CROWN is not based on Wikipedia information, but God's creation and it has nothing to do with astrology or such black arts. The idea is based on real physical matters. Together with the Torah the King's creation has been, is and will be our best teacher.

In our website we are focusing in the King's Astronomy from historical, Biblical and some extra-Biblical archaelogical (ancient Middle-eastern cultures) perpectives. If you want to know more what we are teaching please visit our core teaching page.

Are you ready to hear about the CROWN? The (cosmological) structure of the Heavens and the 12 Mazzaroth Signs (a.k.a "Zodiac signs") which "encircle" us, planet Earth, may be seen as or likened to a shape of extreme large "crown" (see the image below). Or as we would be looking at "inner surface of the crown" from Earth.

Some imagination is needed to understand this with the help of the picture below. The optical illusion of a "crown" works only if observing the heavens from planet Earth:

Apparent structure of the 12 Signs in our home galaxy when observed from planet Earth. Red line is ecliptic, the seeming "path" where the Sun goes through all the Signs in one year.

Every human being from the smallest to the oldest one could understand this. In general a small kid in the ancient world understood much much more about the starry sky and the original Story it holds than the modern day stonewalls who know everything about their smartphones and tablets and weekly horoscopes, but nothing about the King's stars and celestial Signs which portray His Story of Redemption. The Greatest Love Story - the Original Story written by God in the star names!

We can train ourselves to locate at least some of the 12 famous star signs / constellations from the starry sky for example with FREE astronomy software. Stellarium simulates the heavens and it is not a religious software, but secular one created by a team of astronomers and mathematicians. And if having some refreshing outdoor activities with family or friends then and looking up and learn and looking up again and learn again and again as the ancient did, comprehending this idea about "King's crown" above, is as easy as spotting the Moon from the sky!

But please remember that all of the 12 Signs cannot be located at the same time, but depending on our location (Northern or Southern hemisphere of the globe) only some of the Signs could be seen. Here's example Stellarium-screenshot from the Northern hemisphere of the globe, Finland:

Looking towards East where Leo, Cancer and Gemini are raising higher to the evening sky.
Thin red line is the same apparent path of the Sun as in the "Crown" picture above.

You see, no need for telescopes nor mathematical calculations or high philosophical thoughts but only naked eyes and open mind. That's why we love mazzaroth because it is like one huge open Heavenly Scroll for everyone. A Simple Family Science.

The question is what is this "Celestial Crown"? Servants of the Most High know that it is the Crown of the King of the universe. Yehovah-Creator's Crown! This is not theology or religion, but some basic astronomy and cosmology about our Milky Way home galaxy which everyone could grasp. All of those stars in the 12 star signs (about 200) are in our home Milky Way galaxy. That's why we earthlings can see them and learn their God-given names (Psalm 147:4, Isaiah 40:26). The stars are like "words". Every story is built up of words. God-given star names portray the traditional star sign pictures as well.

We cannot see the stars in the other galaxies by naked eyes, but telescopes are needed for that. So the heart and context of mazzaroth is in our home galaxy and what the ancients could saw from the starry sky by their naked eyes.

"The Bible is not written TO us but FOR us." (Daniel McGirr on Ancient Cosmology).

We should keep this same principle in our mind if we dig deep into the Creator's Ancient Astronomy. Not focusing on the physical / material features of the stars, planets, the Moon and the Sun as the modern astronomy does. We don't have to see deep into outer space and know every secret of the universe either. No. As the intention of the Genesis 1 Creation Account has never been description of the material features of creation and such things but their function and meaning, testimony, story for the glory of the Creator.

Amazed and in awe of our King...or even more confused and unsure? Let's continue...

Keeping the "King's cosmic crown" in mind our extremely unique place in this universe, our solar system and the very planet where mankind is living makes us ask: could there be life in other places in this universe after all, besides of what the most known world's scientists and astrophysicists speculate and want to know about? Well, try the King's "Insterstellar travel device", Mazzaroth, and begin to understand that there cannot be life elsewhere in His designed universe. The Sun going through all the 12 Mazzaroth Star Signs within one year in it's apparent path as described in Psalm 19 and the stunning image above, proves that our place in this universe and our solar system and Earth is extremely unique. Without the Sun on it's apparent perfectly fixed path we could not see the "Crown" either and know where Messianic Story of Mazzaroth goes!

The Star Signs are like shining jewels in the King's Crown. These Signs lead us to the King as the "Star of Betlehem" (a planet or "wandering star" as the ancients saw them) led the Chaldean-Jewish Astronomers from the East to the King of the Jews (Matthew 2) at the time of Hanukkah in 1 BCE.

Once again: this optical illusion of the "Crown" does NOT work elsewhere in this universe. Not even very likely from some other planet in our solar system. This only is very strong argument for the idea of Mazzaroth - the Messianic Gospel according to the Stars: the Celestial Story of the Messiah's First and Second Coming.

We have introduced His Story in our core teaching.

Earth is "His footstool" says the Bible. Fallen Sons of the First Adam who do not know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Final Adam (Redeemer / Messiah) and God's plans in Yeshua (Jesus), have begun seriously considering colonization of Mars. They have even considered possibility to reach for the Stars, interstellar space travel and even colonization of exo-planets (Earth like planets) for the case of the destruction of this planet. At least according to Hollywood. But men who don't know God don't know that He has good plans, the restoration of all things in His universe. This planet will not be destroyed in some apocalyptic event. But it has not been uncommon thing that yesterday's science fiction is today's reality.

The King of the universe says in Obadiah 1:4 (NIV):

"Though you soar like the eagle and make your nest among the stars, from there I will bring you down,” declares the Lord (YHVH)."

Even if interstellar travel could be possible some day the King would put end to such human proud. No need to reach for the stars and play God, but let Him to be King of the universe because He is God and there are no other gods! The King has already occupied His universe and He rules everything in it from His Throne in the Heavenly Macro Temple. His majesty and sovereignty is portrayed before our very naked eyes in the starry sky in a way that even a small child can understand it and have grasp on it. According to Psalm 148 the King set the laws for the Sun, the Moon and the stars and they will not go astray from their orbits. Here we have wonderful model of simple obedience and faithfulness. The heavens teach much more than we could ever think because Yah's Torah is everywhere in His creation.

So, the next time you are going outdoors take your children and family or a friend with you and praise the King together under His 12 star signs, His "Royal Space Crown" and know you are literally surrounded by His eternal Love and Righteousness!

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